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Cedarhaven Farm
Sales List

2018 Breeding Schedule
All of our kids for 2018 are on the ground and are for sale.
$50 deposits are now being taken.

I will offer up a "wet buck" sale, which is $150 for a buck picked up by June 1, 2018 with application for registration papers.

For Sale
Chiques RRBLA Athena Valley Ridge Jecco May 13, 2018 Brown Buck...$300
Brown Buck...$300
Brown Doe....RETAINED
Maryland CHF Athena's Bella Valley Ridge Jecco
May 10, 2018 Black Buck...$300
Black Doe...$350
Brown Buck...$300
Cedarhavenfarm Cleo's Harmony Valley Ridge Jecco May 6, 2018 Brown Doe...$350
Brown Doe...$350
Cedarhavenfarm Mia's Jolene Valley Ridge Jecco May 16, 2018 Black Frosted Buck...$250
Black Frosted Buck...$250

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